5 Makeup Tips The Average Girl May Not Know

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We all know too well the cakey foundation, dark and creased under-eyes, makeup that doesn't last, and the eyelashes that won't stay curled. Well I have solutions that may work for you! I understand the frustration that can go into having a bad-makeup day. It's all too similar to having a bad hair day; no matter what you do, nothing seems to cooperate. Here are some of my tried and true make-up tips that I use almost everyday, hopefully they are just as helpful for you as they are for me.


1. Apply and set makeup with a damp sponge
Do you have dry skin? Oily skin? Makeup look "cakey?" This is a perfect solution. All you need is translucent powder, I like this one by N.Y.C. ($3-$5) because it is very finely milled and does not cast white in pictures, a beauty sponge (like this one from Real Techniques- $6), and water.
First, take the beauty sponge and run it under lukewarm water. Squeeze the sponge about 15 times- if you use the Beauty Blender or Real Techniques sponge it should increase about 3x in size. Turn the water off and squeeze out any extra water left in the sponge. Now you're ready to go, pick up some translucent powder on your sponge and you now can set your entire face. I like to set my t-zone: forehead (between eyebrows), nose, cheeks (to mask my large pores), and my under-eyes. Let the powder sit for about 30 seconds and then dust any extra away. You can also use your damp sponge to apply most foundations, for a flawless look.
This moisture in the sponge mixed with the translucent powder helps everything to melt and set seamlessly into your skin. What you're left with is smooth beautiful skin that will last all day!

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2. Use a peach or orange concealer and/or lipstick
This is for all of you girls out there with dark under-eyes. I broke my nose back in 2011 in a cheerleading incident and developed pretty bad bruising around the eyes. The bruising never completely went away and now i'm left with dark under eyes. After searching the internet and YouTube I found a couple of solutions to mask those dark circles and brighten the under eye area. Initially I was pretty skeptical of this little trick, but after trying it myself I was amazed. What you need is either a peach, orange, or red concealer or satin lipstick (depending on your skin-tone) peach for light and light/medium skin, orange for medium skin, and red for dark skin. What you do is take a concealer brush and either dip into the concealer or lipstick and apply a very thin layer to your under-eye *only the part where it is dark, and then go over with your usual makeup routine: you could then put your foundation on for extra coverage, and then go over your undereyes with your normal concealer. This trick only works if you plan on using concealer or foundation over-top of the peach or orange lipstick.
This works by neutralizing the dark circles that are blue or green in tone by using their opposites on the primary color wheel, which are orange and reds.
If you are nervous about using lipstick under your eyes, look for a concealer that is orange or peach in color and made for dark circles. Some good ones are: It Cosmetics Bye-Bye Under eye - $24, Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer in peach - $28, and NYX dark circle corrector $6 . (I own and have tried all of these. Love them). This technique is sometimes called "color correcting."

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3. Curl your eyelashes and apply waterproof mascara
If you're like me, your eyelashes won't stay curled for the life of you. Well that was until I learned this little trick while trying out a new mascara. I have short eyelashes that just won't stay curled and it's frustrating because I would like to have beautiful fluffy, long eyelashes like all of the beautiful celebrities. Before I got eyelash extensions, I would curl my eyelashes starting at the root and pulsing my eyelash curler, while moving it up the length of my lashes. This resulted in a beautiful natural looking curl, which I would then coat in WATERPROOF mascara. This worked wonders for my lashes. There's no reason to really be afraid of waterproof mascara as long as you have a product that can remove it well. I like this Neutrogena Waterproof eye makeup remover - $7-$9. This trick will hold your lashes up all day. It works because the formula is more dry and not water based. It's kind of like hairspray for your lashes. If you haven't tried this yet, DO IT. It is one of my most favorite makeup tricks. My favorite waterproof mascara is the Maybelline Rocket Volume $7. Also i'd like to add to remember to curl your eye-lashes BEFORE applying mascara and never after. If you curl your eye-lashes after applying mascara, your lashes will likely clump together, crease, and get permanently damaged.

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4. Apply highlight or a bright eye-shadow in your inner-corner
If I don't get a whole lot of sleep and have to wake up early or just seem to look tired, a little trick- that may be pretty well known by now is to put highlight or bright eye-shadow in your inner corner. By applying this into your inner-corner your eyes will look more open and bright. This results in looking more awake and put-together. To me, this is like the icing on the cake. When i'm all finished with my makeup- whether i'm wearing eye shadow or not, I put highlight in my inner corner. It changes the game. I have pretty squinty eyes so when I do this it makes my eyes appear more open and round. I even do this with a more natural highlight when i'm not wearing any makeup. A few of my favorites to use are: Becca shimmering skin perfecter in Opal or Champagne Pop, L'Oreal Infallible shadow in Iced Latte, or any bright-preferably somewhat shimmery shade that you may own.

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5. Contour your lips
I know what your thinking, WHAT? Why would I do that? Isn't that just for your face? The answer is no! I do this makeup trick almost every single day. Naturally my lips aren't all that big, but they aren't small either. I've always wanted fuller looking lips- no injections though! I came across a post on Pinterest about lip-contouring and I tried it for myself.Needless to say it is now the only way I like to wear my lips. Literally all you need is at least one product: lip-liner. Choose a shade or two darker than your natural lip color, but the same shade. I like to use NYX lip liner in Natural - $3- $4 or MAC lip liner in Soar $17 . These two shades are very similar to my lip color, but just darker. What you do is outline your lips, fading it down toward the center (don't color the center in), color in the corners of your lips and then make small lines on your bottom lip to pronounce it a little more. It sounds funny and you may be skeptical, but I promise it works. After I put my lip liner on I like to then put either chapstick or a sheer lipstick on to finish it off. I do this every day, unless i'm wearing a dark lip- but the tip can still apply, you just need a similar shade to the lipstick you want to wear, just darker.

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