DIY 3-Ingredient Brush Cleanser

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Are you frustrated with washing your brushes? Do your store-bought brush cleaners not get the job done? I totally understand. It sucks spending money (sometimes too much) on brush cleaners and brush wipes when they don't even do what they're made to do.

     Luckily I found the perfect and most effective way of cleaning my make-up brushes. I love it so much that I thought i'd share. First, you only need three ingredients. These three things are most likely already in your cupboards.

You'll need: 
- Olive oil
- Warm water 

 You will also need:
- A medium sized bowl 
- A small towel

     Start by taking your bowl and putting in equal parts olive oil and dish-soap. Make sure not too put too much product in the bowl because it'd just be a waste and you really only need a little to get it clean. With this bowl (old I Can't Believe It's Not Butter tub) I just barely coat the bottom with the combined olive oil and dish-soap. Then I fill 1/2 the bowl with warm water.

TIP: Make sure your water is as warm as your hands can tolerate- this will aid with the speed of drying.

- After mixing all of your "ingredients" in a bowl. Take your brush (you can take more than one at a time if you'd like) and swirl it around on the bottom of the bowl. You only need to do this for 10-20 seconds to really get the product off your brush(es).

- Next you will use your hands to massage the mixture into your brush. Make sure to get deep into the center because makeup can get trapped and generate bacteria.

- Now go ahead and rinse the brush under running water to get all of the product out and follow up by squeezing excess water out. Re-shape your brush to it's natural shape. Now all you need to do is lay your brushes flat on a small towel and let them dry.

Your brushes will not take very long to dry because of the hot water. Oh and I forgot to mention, BONUS: because of the olive oil you used, your brushes will be conditioned and soft! Almost like they're brand new!

There you have it, clean, bacteria-free, soft, brushes... ready to get dipped into make-up again! I hope this helped most of you with your brush-cleaning routine! Remember that it is important to wash your brushes at the most every week. Dermatologists actually recommend washing your brushes everyday and after every use. But lets be honest- who has time for that? Just try your best to keep up on washing them and preventing bacteria from getting onto your face!

Stay beautiful!

     ♥ Christiana

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