10 Very Real Reasons You Love Him...

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1. He's so damn cute

Ok well this is a given, right? If you have two working eyes and are in love, there's no doubt you love his looks. You love his flaws, his eyes, his hair... 

2. Cold cuddle nights

It's freezing outside and you can't feel your hands or feet. You're tired and ready to lay down. He's there and already sleeping, so you lay down and he unconsciously grabs your waist to pull you in and tangles his warm body over yours. The warmth and loveliness overpowers his scratchy leg hair and comforts you during the night.

3. He stays with you despite your craziness.

If you're anything like me, everything annoys you. Unless you just went shopping or finished a good book, you kind of want to just curl up in a ball with an eyemask, earplugs, and maybe some snacks. His damn itchy facial hair, the way he chews when he's preoccupied or indulged in something other than his food, and his "cluelessness" annoy you to no end. But when you're away from him you never would admit it, but you miss those things.

4. The little look he nonchalantly gives you when checking you out.

Man, there's just something about that look. He doesn't intend for you to see him giving you that glare, which makes it even sexier! It makes you feel good inside- and sometimes even gives you those good ole' butterfly flutters in your stomach. 

5. The nerdy side...

So, I'm not so sure about you guys but I love that my guy was obsessed with Pokémon, superheros, Harry Potter, Star Wars, and like every video game ever invented (who am I kidding, he still is...). This ensures that there is never a dull moment and it just makes my heart happy knowing he has his own little obsessions. And thank goodness for them, so he can leave you be while you obsess over Legally Blonde and binge on Reeses cups. Heck, you never know, you too might even begin to obsess over Halo 4 or something.
(I'm secretly obsessed with Halo)

6. He finds you beautiful no matter what...

First off, if he doesn't find you beautiful in any way, shape, or form he might not be the one for you. You deserve better than that!
Even when you're wearing an old hair-dye stained boy band tee shirt and haven't shaved your legs in a week, he still looks at you in the same loving way as if you were still wearing your hair down in curls, face full of makeup,  and a beautiful cocktail dress. Now that's love!

7. His immaturity

So he's not immature all of the time, but when he is you can join in and have fun. Laughing at dirty jokes, playing catch in the grocery store with salsa, watching SpongeBob and Scooby-Doo reruns all day, these are the things that keep your heart young. I mean really, who doesn't have fun acting immature?!

8. He offers to buy you food and stays sane even when decline his offer and eat all of his.

Enough said!
Thank you, seriously.  I know how much I hate it and I'm sorry for doing it to you.

9. For watching your favorite movies with you... or sleeping through them.

As long as he's by your side, that's what matters most. But when he actually watches Bring It On, Orange Is The New Black,  and Mean Girls on repeat with you, well... that must mean he really loves you and doesn't mind the fact that you quote literally the whole ENTIRE MOVIE.

10. He loves you back

He shows his love for you, no matter how busy or tired he is. He makes you feel beautiful and leaves you feeling like the only girl in the world. That's what we all long for, to be loved in return by someone we care so much about. He's seriously your boyfriend( husband, fiancé, partner), best friend,  therapist, and soul mate all wrapped up in one amazing package- made just for you 

Tell him how much you love and appreciate him. It means much more than you think.


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