50 Things To Boost Your Mood

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Whether you're having a bad day or an alright day- everyone could use a little pick-me-up! At only 18 years old, I've learned a whole lot about life and if there's one thing i'm sure about it's that life is short and there are only so many tomorrows. I know you probably hear that a whole lot but stop and think about it: it's true! Quit waiting and start doing!

1. Watch a funny movie.
2. Paint your nails a bright, bold color.
3. Laugh at funny YouTube videos or Vines.
4. Go for a walk- even if it's raining out.
5. Dress up- wear your favorite outfit. If you look good, you feel good.
6. Pinterest.
7. Talk on the phone with an old friend- that's right TALK not TEXT. Texting often creates misconceptions.
8. Sing in the shower.
9. Pop in some headphones and listen to your favorite upbeat music.
10. Exercise.
11. Stretch or practice some yoga- don't be embarrassed, it's good for you!
12. Eat an apple or your favorite fruit.
13. Invite a friend over for a girls or guys night.
14. Invite a friend out for a girls or guys night.
15. Surround yourself with positive people.
16. Flip through old photos.
17. Munch on some walnuts.
18. Lite a lavender scented candle- or your favorite scent.
19. Open your shades or blinds. You need sunlight!
20. Clean- clear off your dresser, desk, and counter tops.
21. Play a video game with friends and family.
22. Watch Ridiculousness- come on, it's hilarious!
23. Splurge for experiences instead of stuff- take a road-trip instead of buying a new shirt.
24. Act happy and smile- studies show that even ACTING like you're happy can make you happier. Smiling releases endorphins.
25. Read a book.
26. Eat often and eat light- don't think you're going to get away with only two large meals a day.
27. Eat breakfast foods for lunch or dinner.
28. Stick to a regular sleep schedule- even on weekends.
29. Volunteer- do a good deed.
30. Write- try making a blog (public or private), writing in a journal, or even try talking to yourself.
31. Take a shower.
32. Take a bath.
33. Drink some water- you'll be amazed at what it can do for your physical and emotional state.
34. Make a video- keep it private or share it: your choice!
35. Draw- even if you aren't very good at it, it's entertaining and fun!
36. Color- it's not just made for Kindergartners.
37. Lie down and breathe.
38. Start a new hobby- knitting, working out, crafts, etc...
39. Get off the couch and walk around.
40. Get off the computer after you read this.
41. Indulge in some dark chocolate- just not too much!
42. Donate blood- hence doing a good deed.
43. Run a 5K- or walk!
44. Make a collage of your favorite things.
45. Make lists- whether it's a list like this, a to-do list, or even a list of things you like.
46. Get organized!
47. Chew some fruity-flavored gum.
48. Play with your pets!
49. Get a massage- from your friend or a professional.
50. Take a deep breath.

Remember that everything is going to be okay. Now smile and share this so your friends and family can benefit. Oh and keep in mind that being happy and positive is contagious.

XOXO, Christiana

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